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Hyun Bin Becomes a North Korean Detective in the Latest Film ‘Coorperation 2: International’, this is the synopsis.

Hyun Bin is known to star in the latest film Coorperation 2: International’. Here’s the full synopsis.
Cooperation 2: International is the sequel to Cooperation, released in 2017.
The film depicts an unexpected global collaborative investigation of North and South Korean detectives.
South Korean detectives volunteer to join partners to return to the US FBI’s wide-area investigation team and Jack (Daniel Henney).
In the film ‘Coorperation 2: International’, Hyun Bin will play a North Korean detective named Lim Cheol Ryeong.
Hyun Bin is on a mission to catch a global criminal organization.
Meanwhile, other actors in the film ‘Coorperation 2: International’ are Yoo Hae Jin as Kang Jin Tae and Daniel Henney as Jack.
The film ‘Coorperation 2: International’ tells the story of an unexpected investigation by detectives who unite to eradicate a global criminal organization.
The teaser trailer for the film ‘Coorperation 2: International’, which was just released, immediately grabbed the public’s attention.
From the teaser, it is known that there is a reunion scene welcoming North Korean elite detective Cheol Ryeong who has gone to the South to complete a new mission.
As the collaboration between ‘Cheol-ryeong’ and ‘Jin-tae’ continues, the appearance of FBI agent ‘Jack’ makes the storyline of the film ‘Coorperation 2: International’ even more exciting.
Of course, Hyun Bin got his challenge when he had to do various dangerous scenes in the movie ‘Coorperation 2: International’.
Not only about action scenes, but Hyun Bin’s latest film also features a comedic side that provokes laughter.
With the triangular bromance chemistry of ‘Cheolryeong’, ‘Jintae’ and ‘Jack’, the film ‘Coorperation 2: International’ certainly has an exciting storyline.
Furthermore, the film ‘Cooperation 2: International’ is scheduled to be released in September 2022.
That’s not the only film project Hyun Bin has taken on this year.
On July 9, 2022, Extreme Movie, an internet community specializing in films, had an article titled ‘Current Status Of Actor Hyun Bin’s Next Job’.
The post contains three films Hyun Bin has taken as his future father’s project.
Hyun Bin’s projects include ‘The Point Men’, ‘Cooperation 2: International’, and ‘Harbin’.
Wow, I can’t wait to see Hyun Bin’s action in his new film!



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