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Hyun Bin continues to share “positive news,” even though Son Ye Jin gave birth just three months ago.

While Hyun Bin is preoccupied with film efforts, Son Ye Jin is still carrying out her parenting duties and temporarily putting aside creative endeavors.
South Korean director YIM Soon-psychological rye’s action movie THE POINT MEN stars actors Hwang Jung-min, HYUN Bin, and KANG Ki-young. The Korean Prisoner Crisis of 2007, which saw Koreans taken hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan and prepared for execution, served as the inspiration for the movie.
Jae-ho and Dae-sik, portrayed by Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin, are the focus of the movie. The government sends Jae-ho (Jung-min), one of Korea’s top diplomats, to deal with one of the worst political events in the country’s history.
As soon as he arrives, Jae-ho demands to work with the Afghan administration and use all available methods to free the captives. His attempts are unsuccessful, therefore he is compelled to work with Dae-sik (Hyun Bin), a local intelligence agent. The Taliban started killing captives when the discussions did not go smoothly. The two have teamed together in an effort to rescue the remaining captives in a race against time and an impatient military force.
The director and team overcame the difficulties of working with a global staff that communicates in almost ten different languages while filming in the Middle Eastern desert, an unique location for Korean filmmaking.
The director and crew’s concept is greatly enhanced by the excellent actors. Hyun Bin, a genuine actor on Korean television, won the 2020 Baeksang Arts Award for Favorite Actor at the 47th Daesang. Hyun’s fame was built via lifetime efforts. Bin: My name is Kim Sam Soon; my favorite songs are Crash Landing on You, The Snow Queen, and Secret Garden.
Popular Star Award, Presidential Commendation Award, Best New Actor Award, Best Supporting Actor Award, and a number of other major and minor roles, including acting in movies, are typical of box office king Hwang Jung-min. Famous names include: A Violent Prosecutor, New World, Man in Love, Promise to Father, and Man in Love.
Currently, according to director Yim Soon-rye, “I focused on the two main characters’ own sense of civic duty by making them diplomats and intelligence agents. It is not only a political tale.”



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