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Hyun Bin denied rumors of Son Ye Jin is divorcing him because he lost all his savings through gambling.

Hyun Bin‘s agency has responded to the ridiculous rumor that Son Ye Jin is divorcing him because he gambled away his life savings.
A YouTube channel posted a shorts video claiming that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were divorcing in April.
“Hyun Bin lost ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.29 million USD) through stock investments and is also shouldering a lot of gambling debt. Son Ye Jin kept putting up with it but she couldn’t anymore and wanted to divorce.”
However, the short “claimed” that the issue was discussed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon… and then promptly showed a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! instead.
The video also claimed that Jimmy Kimmel talked about the issue, saying that he gambled away a lot of money and it doesn’t matter that he is handsome, because he is crazy for gambling so much. But even a viewer who does not understand Korean or English will recognize that Jimmy Kimmel is not talking about Hyun Bin on his show. In addition, the YouTube channel in question consistently puts out shorts, starting false rumors about various celebrities.
Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment put out a statement condemning the video.
“The video is ridiculous and not true at all.
It’s not that we didn’t know about it because we have been continuously monitoring for fake news. Since it is not true, we were discussing internally how to deal with this. We were preparing to respond that it wasn’t true.
We are taking action with the site, reporting the video and requesting it to be taken down, and we will continue to monitor the situation and take further action if necessary.”
In a statement released by his agency, Hyun Bin categorically denied the rumors and emphasized that he has never engaged in any form of gambling. He also expressed his disappointment with the individuals who spread such rumors and the harm that they cause to both him and Son Ye Jin. Hyun Bin went on to state that he is determined to pursue legal action against those responsible for spreading false information and causing harm to his reputation.
Furthermore, Hyun Bin stated that he believes in the importance of accountability and taking responsibility for one’s actions. He promised to seek justice for the damage that these rumors have caused to his reputation and to take action against those who are responsible.
Hyun Bin’s response to the rumors about his alleged divorce from Son Ye Jin due to gambling allegations was forceful and direct. He made it clear that he has never engaged in any form of gambling and that he is determined to take action against those responsible for spreading false information. His commitment to accountability and responsibility is commendable and serves as an example to others in the industry.



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