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Hyun Bin flaunts his stunning appearance, living up to his reputation as the most handsome celebrity dad in the Korean showbiz industry.

Recently, VAST Entertainment – Hyun Bin’s management company – teased a few moments from a recent photoshoot for an advertisement that his wife, Son Ye Jin, had done.

In the released images, Hyun Bin appears with a handsome and charming face, epitomizing the classic leading man look. The actor is dressed in a combination of a shirt and khaki pants, matching in color. His perfect physique and height make him stand out even more. Despite being in his forties, everyone has to admit that Son Ye Jin’s husband is becoming increasingly captivating.

Since finishing filming abroad, Hyun Bin has returned to his naturally handsome appearance. Previously, he had sacrificed his looks by sporting an aesthetically unappealing beard to fit his character.

Returning to his former appearance, Hyun Bin continues to mesmerize fans with his undeniable attractiveness. He truly lives up to his status as one of the most “outstandingly handsome” dads in the current Korean showbiz industry.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin officially moved in together in March 2022. They welcomed their first son in December 2022. After five months of their son’s birth, both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have resumed their respective careers. While Hyun Bin actively continues to act in films, Son Ye Jin has not shown any signs of returning to the screen thus far.



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