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Hyun Bin has an act of taking care of his wife Son Ye Jin to the point of becoming a habit, even raising the suspicion that “beautiful sister” is pregnant.

Hyun Bin has always been known as a husband who is “addicted to his wife” and always cares for and pampers Son Ye Jin to the fullest. People recently discovered that the male screen god always had a sweet action for Son Ye Jin every time he was with her. That’s why he always carried the bag for his wife.
During the appearance at Incheon airport, they went to the US for their honeymoon, and during the trip, Hyun Bin was seen carrying a bag with his wife. The male screen god at the airport in Korea also carried a heavy bag for his wife, and the “beautiful sister” only held a light jacket for him. In the couple’s photo in the US, Son Ye Jin is also comfortable with her bare hands because her husband already wears the bag. Even though this gesture of Hyun Bin has raised the suspicion that Son Ye Jin is pregnant, many fans believe that he cherished and spoiled his wife to the fullest in the first months of pregnancy.
But many fans think that this is just a gesture to prove that Hyun Bin is “addicted to his wife” and loves her wholeheartedly. At the beginning of his career, the actor once answered in an interview: “A man who keeps asking to carry his girlfriend’s bag doesn’t look good. I mean, I don’t like people who suddenly act when they’re with women.”
But when he met the woman of his life, Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin had to go against his word. That’s how love can change people.



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