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Hyun Bin has the first good news in his career after becoming a father.

Since the announcement of the first pregnancy after three months of marriage, information about the small family Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin has always been of public interest.
Recently, netizens spread information that the movie “Confidential Assignment” part 2 starring Hyun Bin has launched several propaganda publications waiting for the audience’s release date. This can be considered the first good news in Hyun Bin’s career since becoming a father at the end of June.
Accordingly, recently, the “Confidential Assignment” team released the project’s first trailer. The above trailer was published as a closed press conference with the media, so it has not been widely distributed to the public.
It is known that the trailer is expected to be officially released at the end of July. Promotion activities for the project will probably be carried out soon after to ensure the smoothness of the launch process.
Immediately after the above information was spread, netizens could not hide their excitement and discussion. They think the upcoming actor will be very busy participating in promotional activities and preparing to welcome the little angel with his wife.
Accordingly, the public firmly believes that despite being busy, Hyun Bin can fully handle and balance work with personal affairs. Besides, someone joked that, maybe, when the movie came out, Hyun Bin’s first child – Son Ye Jin, was also born and supported his father’s project.
The movie “Confidential Assignment” part 2 is a project that continues the developments of the 2017 season 1. In this part 2, the film still follows Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) – a North Korean detective. Top secret mission in Korea.
He received the help of Kang Jin Tae (a detective in Korea) to complete the mission. Besides, the relationship between Park Min Young (YoonA) and Rim Chul Ryung may progress in this part 2 because she fell in love with him at first sight.
There is currently no information on the official release date of the project. The public looks forward to Hyun Bin’s return to this movie project. Hopefully, he will still maintain the same form as season 1 and reap many awards for his acting career.



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