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Knowing that Son Ye Jin was about to give birth, Hyun Bin immediately flattered his wife with a very sweet action?

Up to now, Korea’s most popular couple – Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, are only a few months away from welcoming their first child. All information about Bin Jin’s small family receives great attention from audiences all over Asia.
Recently, netizens passed each other when Hyun Bin wore matching clothes with his wife, Son Ye Jin. Accordingly, many people guessed that the actor wanted to use this sweet act to flatter his wife before welcoming a new family member.
Specifically, in the photos that have been circulated, Hyun Bin is memorable with his statue-like beauty. In close-up photos, the Korean male beauties show off his harmonious five senses, not ashamed to be called “Korean public property.”
In particular, many people noticed that his clothes looked similar to those Son Ye Jin wore in the last episode of the movie “Crash Landing on You” a few years ago. Accordingly, netizens began to discuss and think that the actor was trying to show his love for his wife when he publicly dressed up with her.
Some comments from the audience:
– I love it, the national couple is wearing a couple of clothes.
– Hyun Bin wants to flatter his wife, especially Ye Jin.
– Looks like Hyun Bin is filming an advertisement for a golf equipment brand; it’s as beautiful as a statue, “tomato” father.
-I know it might be a coincidence, but it’s still a beautiful couple.
However, there are also opinions on social networks that this is just a coincidence. Because maybe Hyun Bin is wearing a design of the brand he is representing, not related to Son Ye Jin. However, the moment the couple wore similar outfits was still complimented by their beauty and walled aura.
A few days ago, Son Ye Jin showed a photo of her going to the movie Confidential Assignment 2, played by her husband, at a luxury theater complex in Korea. The above action made everyone “heartbroken” and gave many good wishes to the beautiful family of Son.
It is known that Hyun Bin’s movie “Confidential Assignment 2” has reached more than 6.5 million tickets and is expected to equal 7.8 million in season 1. The actor will soon join the Harbin film crew to conduct filming. For this large-scale investment film project. As for Son Ye Jin, she is still taking time to rest and take care of her health and her first child.



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