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Hyun Bin looks calm and collected in new photographs from his next film “The Point Men” 

“The Point Men” tells the tale of a diplomat and a local National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who go to Afghanistan to rescue South Korean residents who have been abducted and are being held captive by the Taliban. This is Hyun Bin’s first film after he and his wife brought their first kid into the world.
Park Dae Sik, a NIS agent specializing on the Middle East and Central Asia, will be played by Hyun Bin. He left Korea a long time ago and still suffers from the agony of being unable to rescue hostages in the past during a scenario in Iraq. Park Dae Sik, who felt he was being used as a weapon by his superiors, was on the verge of leaving his work when he heard about the hostage crisis involving South Korean people in Afghanistan. He leaves behind his dissatisfaction with his career and travels to Afghanistan to rescue the prisoners.
Park Dae Sik arrives to challenge Jung Jae Ho (Hwang Jung Min), a diplomat who specializes in negotiations and who puts forth numerous ideas and processes, with the purpose of liberating the captives by whatever means feasible and by utilizing tactics that will be tailored to the local location. Viewers may expect to witness how Hyun Bin portrays his character, who learns to overcome his previous traumas and evolve as a person. Moviegoers can also expect plenty of action sequences that don’t shy away from conveying the gravity of the situation, as well as Hyun Bin donning a new style with untidy hair and even a beard to properly bring his character and the scenario to life.
The newly revealed photographs provide a glimpse into the world of this tense drama, with Park Dae Sik striding confidently across the grounds, wearing sunglasses and seeming to be there with one aim in mind: to rescue his country’s people. Another image shows him seated in a vehicle, staring pensively out at the desert before him.
“I wanted to show the anguish of the man overcoming previous traumas, the urgency of the procedure, and his harsh history in layers to make it more attractive,” Hyun Bin said of his part as Park Dae Sik.



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