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Hyun Bin makes a sudden commotion to Jeju Island, invites Son Ye Jin Babymoon?

Hyun Bin suddenly showed the bridge of his nose at Jeju Island. His arrival was called to accompany Son Ye Jin to enjoy the babymoon.
Like a modern married couple, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin also plan a babymoon.
Jeju Island is Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s preferred destination.
However, it’s still a rumor that has blown since Hyun Bin showed his nose on Jeju Island.
Hyun Bin seemed to come to a cafe on Jeju Island.
Suddenly the cafe did not want to waste that moment.
They uploaded a signature portrait and a special message that Hyun Bin had written while visiting.
“Please be happy,” Hyun Bin sincerely. The cafe also stated that Son Ye Jin’s husband had ordered an iced Americano.
According to the time Hyun Bin wrote under his signature, it appears that he just went to Jeju this June.
This made netizens wonder if he was accompanying Son Ye Jin to enjoy the babymoon.
Most fans believe Hyun Bin went to Jeju Island with Son Ye Jin because that place has always been the actress’ favorite place.
Son Ye Jin has shared several photos of herself on Jeju Island on social media.
However, some fans think that Hyun Bin is traveling with his friends.
The reason is that the members of actor Hyun Bin’s friends, including Jang Dong Gun, often gather in their spare time.
Meanwhile, 2022 is expected to be a busy year for Hyun Bin with his upcoming films.
After completing promotions for “Confidential Assignment 2”, he will begin filming for “Harbin.”
On the other hand, it is believed that Son Ye Jin’s mother-to-be will focus on maintaining her health rather than joining a new project.
Last Monday, June 27, 2022, Son Ye Jin announced the news of her pregnancy through a post uploaded to Instagram social media.
“A new life has come to us. I’m still very nervous, but I feel the changes in my body every day with pleasure,” wrote Son Ye Jin.
“As well as my gratitude, I also feel full of caution. So, I haven’t told anyone around me,” he continued.
Son Ye Jin confessed that she began to feel changes in her body.
Her stomach is getting increasingly distended daily because the fetus she is carrying is growing bigger.
Ye Jin and Hyun Bin couldn’t hide their joy when they finally had a baby.
“Before it’s too late, I share this news with fans and relatives who are waiting, just like us. We will take care of this precious life that has come our way.”
“I hope you guys do the same, take care of what’s precious to you all and live healthy lives. Keep being happy!” he concluded.
After waiting until the fetus was strong enough, Son Ye Jin finally summoned the courage to announce this happy news to the public.
Ye Jin promises to take care of the baby she has been waiting for with Hyun Bin.
However, the actor Yoon Se Ri in the Korean drama Crash Landing On You have not revealed the gestational age and gender of the baby in her womb.
What do you think? Did Hyun Bin take Son Ye Jin to Jeju Island?



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