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Hyun Bin Reacts to Popular Actor’s Admiration for Son Ye-jin’s Beauty.

Hyun Bin, one of South Korea’s most prominent actors, recently made headlines when he reacted to a popular actor’s heartfelt confession on national television. The revelation came during a broadcast when the actor openly admitted that he found Son Ye-jin “really pretty.”

Son Ye-jin, often referred to as Korea’s nation’s first love, has captured the hearts of the nation with her innocent beauty and remarkable acting skills. Her recent appearance on TVN’s variety show “God of Business Trip Communication: Shu Chin’s Edition” added to her charm. In one segment, the task at hand was to guess the title of a popular drama, “Something in the Rain.” Interestingly, the Korean title translates to “Pretty Nuna Who Buys Me Food.” However, the actor mistakenly offered the title as “Nunah Who Buys Me Food.”

Dissatisfied with the incorrect guess, the actor wondered aloud who the main character was that could be called “pretty.” After learning that it was Son Ye Jin who played the lead role in this drama, he candidly confessed his mistake, acknowledging that she is indeed pretty. His genuine reaction to Son Ye-jin’s beauty brought laughter to the set.

Son Ye-jin is celebrated as one of the finest actors in the Korean entertainment industry, earning the respect and admiration of her co-workers and the entire entertainment world. Her journey in the industry spans many years, a testament to her unwavering dedication and hard work.

Hyun Bin, who is renowned for his acting prowess, couldn’t be prouder of his wife, Son Ye Jin. He has spoken highly of her on numerous occasions, emphasizing that she is more than just a pretty face. Her good character, work ethic, and undeniable talent have garnered praise and love from all corners of the industry.

This interaction between Hyun Bin and the popular actor has sparked a buzz in the entertainment world. It highlights the genuine affection and admiration that exist between them, showcasing Son Ye-jin’s timeless charm and talent.

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