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Hyun Bin released the movie in September, Son Ye Jin did this sweet thing.

From the announcement of the first pregnancy until now, the news about the Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin family has always been of public interest. A few days ago, Hyun Bin’s movie The Unwilling Partner part 2 released a trailer, confirmed to be released in September.
Recently, Son Ye Jin shared photos of a peaceful life with good luck while her husband was about to release a new movie. Although they knew this was a coincidence, the couple’s fans could not hide their excitement.
Specifically, Son Ye Jin has just shared three photos of her daily life. It seems that the pregnant mother had a walk with her pet on a beautiful day. Around her was a natural green scene; the sky was clear that day, adorned with brilliant rainbow colours.
In particular, Son Ye Jin held a leaf that looked similar to lucky grass. It seems that she wants to go through it to send her greetings to everyone. The actress shared: “Have a blessed day” with many funny icons such as puppies, rainbows, and four-leaf clovers, …
Son Ye Jin’s post received much attention from fans and her close friends, who are A-list actors such as Song Yoon Ah and Lee Min Jung,… Interestingly, the two good sisters of Son Ye Jin asked her if the picture was lucky grass. Did she make a mistake?
It is known that the photo that Ye Jin posted is not an actual lucky grass but possibly a plant with a similar shape. However, the audience said that it was luck as long as she liked it and felt at peace.
In addition, netizens also mentioned Hyun Bin’s upcoming movie project and joked that Ye Jin might be sending indirect wishes to her husband. It is known that the movie “Reluctant Partner Part 2” starring Hyun Bin and YoonA will officially hit theatres next September. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin seems to focus on caring for herself and the baby. She also has a Hollywood-Cross movie collaboration project that hasn’t started shooting yet.



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