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Hyun Bin reunited in an event with this girl ! reaction of Son Ye Jin shocked netizens.

At a recent VIP movie premiere, fans witnessed an exciting reunion between actor Hyun Bin and his former co-star, Park Min Ha. The event, celebrating Jang Dong Gun’s new film, brought together these renowned figures, stirring considerable interest among their followers.

Hyun Bin, known for his role in “Confidential Assignment 2” alongside Yoona, appeared in high spirits, demonstrating his unwavering support for his friend and colleague, Jang Dong Gun. The highlight of the evening, however, was his interaction with Park Min Ha. The two previously shared the screen in “Confidential Assignment,” where Park Min Ha’s portrayal of the character Yoona garnered significant acclaim for her charming and skillful performance.

The reunion, marked by a memorable photo session, has since sparked widespread attention, particularly concerning the reaction of Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin’s partner. Contrary to what might be expected, Son Ye Jin expressed genuine delight at seeing Hyun Bin and Park Min Ha together. Her response reflects not just a sense of professional respect but also a personal fondness for Park Min Ha.

Park Min Ha’s rising star in the industry, especially following her role in “Confidential Assignment,” has made her a figure of interest. Her chemistry with Hyun Bin on set was evident, and fans have often commented on their adorable interactions during the filming of the movie.

Son Ye Jin’s reaction is a testament to the strong bond and mutual respect among these actors. Her pride in Hyun Bin’s achievements and her supportive nature towards his co-stars, like Park Min Ha, highlight the deep connections that exist within this talented circle of artists.

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