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Hyun Bin said that Baby Alkong is so sweet he always wants to be with Son Ye-jin all the time.

Renowned actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin have found themselves in a blissful chapter of life since the arrival of their adorable son, Baby Alkong. Turning one year old soon, Baby Alkong has become the center of their world, bringing immense joy and happiness to the couple every day.

Baby Alkong is growing up rapidly and is now taking his first steps into the world. His ability to walk on his own and exhibit charming gestures has added a delightful spark to the lives of his parents. Known for his cuteness, Baby Alkong loves to engage in playful antics, especially with his mother, Son Ye-jin, whom he clings to lovingly. His fondness for cuddles and spending time in his mother’s arms is heartwarming to witness.

His bond with his father, Hyun Bin, is equally special. Baby Alkong relishes the moments spent playing with his dad, creating beautiful memories. Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin adore their son’s clingy nature, finding it incredibly sweet and endearing.

Son Ye-jin expressed her joy in noticing that Baby Alkong has inherited her eyes, adding a touch of her essence to his appearance. Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s features, including his nose, height, and lips, are also prominent in their son. The combination of these traits gives Baby Alkong a mesmerizing look, inheriting his mother’s captivating eyes and his father’s charming smile.

Above all, Baby Alkong is fortunate to have such loving and dedicated parents. Despite their busy schedules, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin ensure they spend quality time with their son, nurturing him with love and care. Their commitment to their family is evident in the joy and unity they share, making Baby Alkong truly the apple of their eyes.

As Baby Alkong continues to grow and explore the world, his parents’ love and guidance will surely shape him into a delightful and charismatic individual, just like them.

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