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Hyun Bin shares for the first time about dating Son Ye Jin, revealing that the two spouses share common interests.

South Korean actor Hyun Bin recently shared some intimate details about his personal life, shedding light on his relationship with his wife, Son Ye-jin, and their shared interests. In a candid interview during episode 115 of the KBS Entertainment Companylic show, Hyun Bin disclosed some fascinating aspects of his life beyond the silver screen.

Hyun Bin, who is renowned for his passion for sports, revealed that his love for sports played a significant role in shaping his physique over the years. He emphasized his dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, saying, “I am passionate about sports, and I try to engage in physical activities whenever I have free time.”

Golf is one of the couple’s shared interests, and they frequently enjoy golfing together at the Hien Vien Golf Course. They’ve even taken the time to help each other improve their golfing skills, sharing tips and tricks to enhance their game. Hyun Bin praised Son Ye-jin’s excellent golfing abilities, which have been professionally honed by coach Lim Shinhan.

Apart from golf, Hyun Bin also mentioned his commitment to staying active by incorporating various other sports into his routine. “If I don’t have a shooting schedule, I maintain a workout regimen, usually 4 or 5 times a week,” he shared. “I often work out at home, focusing on strength training for about an hour and then cardiovascular exercises for another hour. It’s become a habit for me.”

While Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin were relatively discreet about their relationship before publicly acknowledging it, they eventually confirmed their romance in January 2021. Their relationship blossomed during their collaboration on the television series “Crash Landing on You,” garnering immense attention and well-wishes from fans across Asia.

The couple’s love story continued to captivate the public’s interest, especially due to their affectionate moments at various public events. Hyun Bin always took the opportunity to express his admiration for Son Ye-jin, notably during press conferences and promotional events for their projects.

When asked about the sources of strength in his life as an actor, Hyun Bin consistently cited his family. “My family, my wife, and our son have made me stronger and more determined in my career,” he revealed during a press conference for his latest film, “The Postman.” He expressed his gratitude for his loving family, which now includes their firstborn son, born on November 27, 2022, a few weeks earlier than initially expected.

Hyun Bin humorously noted that their son shares a few traits from both of them but acknowledged that children’s appearances can change significantly as they grow. “I’ve heard many people say that a child’s facial features change a lot as they grow up, so I’m really curious. I don’t know who our son will resemble more in the future,” he shared with a smile.
Hyun Bin’s openness about his relationship with Son Ye-jin and his dedication to a healthy lifestyle and family life has endeared him even more to his fans. Their journey from co-stars to a loving couple and now parents has been a heartwarming story that continues to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

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