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Hyun Bin Shows Support as Son Ye-jin Expresses Her True Feelings About Marriage.

South Korea’s beloved power couple, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, have once again captured the hearts of fans with their heartwarming display of affection and support. In a recent appearance on SUNY Ocean’s show, Son Ye-jin opened up about her thoughts and feelings regarding her marriage to Hyun Bin, and the response has been nothing short of viral.

During her appearance on the show, Son Ye-jin radiated positive energy as she discussed her passion for golf. She revealed that their favorite dating spot with her husband, Hyun Bin, is the golf course. This shared interest has not only brought them closer but has also strengthened the romantic bond between them.

As the conversation veered towards her marriage, Son Ye-jin shared some heartwarming anecdotes. She recounted how, during their wedding, people would often remark that Hyun Bin was lucky to have her as his wife. On the flip side, women would express how fortunate she was to have Hyun Bin as her husband. Son Ye-jin playfully retorted, “But isn’t my husband luckier than me?” Her words earned hearty laughs from fans and fellow guest Limshin Han.

Son Ye-jin went on to reveal that before appearing on the show, both she and Hyun Bin had enjoyed a round of golf together. During this outing, they exchanged valuable advice and cherished moments together. She described her husband as a dashing golfer, and her eyes lit up with joy as she spoke about him. Her happiness and the positive vibe surrounding their relationship were palpable throughout the show, leaving no doubt about the blissful state of their marriage.

It’s evident that Hyun Bin continues to be a loving and supportive husband, always there to stand by Son Ye-jin’s side as she shares her thoughts and feelings with the world. Their enduring love story serves as an inspiration to many. What do you think about this heartwarming display of love and support? Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more updates on this beloved couple’s journey together.

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