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Hyun Bin & Son Ye-jin Proving How “Baby Alkong” Became a Lucky Charm for Both.

Just after the release of Sunita’s latest ad parody, another blessing has been reported for Hyun Bin. According to reports, the renowned men’s casual brand, Men’s Crocodile, under the fashion company Danfield, recently conducted a spectacular photo shoot for the 2023 Fashion Week featuring the talented actor Hyun Bin. As if that wasn’t enough, they also signed an exclusive model renewal contract with him.
Hyun Bin, who has been the brand’s model since 2021, will continue to be active as a male crocodile’s brand model for the third consecutive year. This collaboration has effectively conveyed to the public the luxury brand concept of Crocodile for Men, working with a soft and extroverted image, which has been instrumental in helping men in their 40s and 50s create fashion trends in Korea. It’s said to be making a significant contribution to the industry.
The Crocodile Men Fashion Week 2023 is all about hybrid fashion and supreme comfort, proposing a style that combines practicality and comfort to create various looks with just one item. According to the brand officials, they plan to carry out diversified marketing by integrating both online and offline strategies. Their focus remains on strengthening the brand’s connection with men in their 30s and 40s, building on the success of their existing representative brands for middle-aged men with their exclusive model, Hyun Bin.
For fashion enthusiasts, the Men’s Crocodile 2023 Fashion Week season collection will be available from August 16 at Men’s Crocodile stores nationwide or their own online mall.
Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has been keeping busy with his acting career. He recently finished filming the movie “Harbin,” which deals with the patriotic history of Koreans in Harbin, and that concluded last April. Beyond his acting commitments, he is also involved in various activities both domestically and abroad.
“Baby Alkong,” has become a lucky charm not just for himself but also for brands like Men’s Crocodile, who continue to thrive with him as their exclusive model. His influence on fashion and the entertainment industry remains undeniable.

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