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Hyun Bin – Song Hye Kyo unexpectedly reunite after 15 years, while Son Ye Jin is left out.

Since the 2000s, Korean TV dramas have not only become popular on the domestic small screen, but have also gone international, winning the hearts of audiences worldwide. Recently, netizens have nominated Korean actors with the most “powerful” works in Asia. Finally, 8 top actors and actresses in the land of kimchi have been named, with Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun being the two rare female stars to appear alongside a group of famous male actors.
Specifically, a blogger has compiled a list of famous Korean actors in Asian TV dramas. These figures are often associated with many hit TV series, have achieved high ratings, and are the subject of much discussion when their shows air. Surpassing the group of famous male actors, the Korean screen goddess Song Hye Kyo has taken the top spot.
In over 25 years of acting, she has starred in numerous hit TV dramas, with four of her shows listed for their “monstrous” ratings, including: Full House, All In, Autumn in My Heart, and Descendants of the Sun. Most recently, she has gained global attention with her performance in The Glory – a Netflix original series. Although not rated on television, the show has dominated the top spot on Netflix globally for a long time.
Hyun Bin was also listed on the ranking with three highly acclaimed TV series: My Lovely Sam Soon, Secret Garden, and Crash Landing on You. In particular, he also teamed up with Song Hye Kyo in The World That They Live In (2008), but the show was not well received. Recently, he has shifted his focus to film with Negotiation, Rampant, and Bargaining. Son Ye Jin, his wife, is said to be strong in both film and television, but it seems that she has no plans to return to the small screen.
In addition, six other actors were also voted as those who have brought Korean TV dramas to the forefront throughout Asia, including: Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, and Song Joong Ki. It is known that this ranking was chosen by fans and has not been confirmed by any authorized agency.
After it was released, the ranking received a lot of agreement from netizens. Most viewers believe that these are actors with “powerful” works that have gone beyond Asia. In addition, many people mentioned the absence of Son Ye Jin and believed that she also deserves to be honored. It is known that Hyun Bin’s wife is a “three-time film queen” and, in terms of television, she continues to participate and make her mark.



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