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Hyun Bin speaks out about contract cancellation allegations in Japan, proving his unwavering support for Son Ye Jin’s mother and daughter.

Hyun Bin is without a doubt the most prominent male actor on the Korean cinema right now. Wide attention at home and abroad, as well as a slew of lucrative contracts, have paid the actor a pittance.
Despite his success, the actor “Crash Landing on Him” has been the subject of several false stories, the most current of which is that Hyun Bin has just terminated his contract with a Japanese partner. As a result, a man claiming to be a coordinator of exchange events between Korean artists and Japanese audiences said that Hyun Bin was asked to attend an audience gathering in October. false in Japan, but his Japanese partner abruptly requested him to change the actor with another celebrity.
Many explanations have been advanced by netizens, with many believing that the major cause is likely connected to the actor’s new position in Harbin, which is associated with bad impressions of the land of cherry blossoms. The 8x actor’s representation immediately disputed the report and verified that the actor’s career is still quite solid.
Hyun Bin is now spending time with his wife and first son. Because his wife Son Ye Jin was born sooner than planned, the actor was unable to be there when she gave birth. He is now enjoying a good time with his modest family. The actor is expected to resume work in early 2023.



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