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Hyun Bin was shocked and surprise when Son Ye Jin did this. he is in awe on his wife.

Hyun Bin was truly taken aback, and his surprise knew no bounds when he learned about the incredible dedication and care that his wife, Son Ye Jin, shows to her family. The world already knew of the lovely connection between the actress and her sister and parents, but recent revelations have shown just how deep this bond runs.

Son Ye Jin, the youngest daughter in her family, has always shared a close relationship with her elder sister and parents. What’s truly remarkable is that despite being married and having a son, she continues to shower her family with love and support.

In recent years, Son Ye Jin has been living a content and joyous life alongside her husband, Hyun Bin, and their son, Baby Alkong. She’s undoubtedly a fortunate woman who found love at the right time and gained her parents’ blessings. But it was a recent revelation that took even the fans by surprise.

A blogger shared picturesque photos of a stunning location in South Korea. These images captured not only the breathtaking beauty of the place during the day but also its incredible romantic ambiance at night, thanks to its spectacular view of the lake. This spot had the power to make anyone’s heart skip a beat.

What made this location even more special was the discovery that a restaurant nearby was run by none other than Son Ye Jin’s parents. The blogger couldn’t help but rave about the quality of the food, especially the delectable meat dishes and the restaurant’s freshness and neatness. To top it all off, there was a delightful red bean Shave Ice dessert that left a sweet taste in everyone’s mouth.

The blogger also shared actual photos of the dishes prepared by Son Ye Jin’s parents. The interior of the restaurant was described as cozy and inviting, making it a perfect destination for a romantic date night. It turns out that both Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are frequent visitors to this hidden gem.

It’s as if the couple knows the secret hideaway, and they cherish every moment spent there. Undoubtedly, Son’s parents must be overjoyed every time their son-in-law and grandson, Baby Alkong, come to visit. The heartwarming bond between Son Ye Jin and her family is a testament to the values she holds dear, and it’s a beautiful reflection of the love and care she brings to her life with Hyun Bin and their son.

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