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Hyun Bin was unlucky because he chose the wrong drama, luck even fell to Ji Sung!

Hyun Bin is a Korean actor whose name is famous all over the world. His popularity in the international arena skyrocketed after starring in the drama ‘Crash Landing On You’.
He starred in the romantic genre drama with Son Ye Jin, who has now become his wife. Before Crash Landing On You, Hyun Bin had starred in many popular dramas. In 2015, Hyun Bin played a man with multiple personalities in the popular drama ‘Hyde Jackyll, Me.’
He had also been offered to play a drama with a similar theme, namely ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’. But Hyun Bin rejected the theater, which Ji Sung finally played. When aired, ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ achieved high popularity over Hyde Jekyll, Me
The fans also regretted that Hyun Bin did not take the ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ project. It turned out that the producers wanted Hyun Bin to play the figure of Cha Do Hyun in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’.
However, the 39-year-old actor turned it down and chose to star in Hyde Jekyll, Me.
Before the two dramas aired, many speculated that the drama Hyun Bin chose would be better. Hyde Jekyll became his first drama after Hyun Bin completed his military service.
It is known that the role of Cha Do Hyun, which Ji Sung finally took, was challenging to carry.
Because Cha Do Hyun is told to have several different personalities, Ji Sung was able to build Cha Do Hyun’s character as a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).
In an interview with television, Ji Sung revealed his desire to take on this role. He said, “I wanted to do this drama since I heard about the difficulty of finding actors during casting. Then it came to me.” The producers immediately offered the female lead to Hwang Jung Eum, who starred in the melodrama ‘Secrets’ with Ji Sung. Thanks to the players’ hard work, ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ achieved high ratings.
In addition, the drama also received positive reviews for Ji Sung’s acting performance. ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ achieved ratings as high as 11.5 percent in viewership ratings, while ‘Hyde, Jekyll and I’ only reached as high as 8.6 percent for its initial episode. Although Hyun Bin is considered to be more popular than Ji Sung it doesn’t affect the rating of the drama they are starring in



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