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Hyun Bin Was Very Happy When Reporters Congratulate Son Ye Jin’s Pregnancy

The Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin couple got married at the end of last March, and the two have never stopped being a topic of conversation until now. Recently, Hyun Bin appeared in public and was congratulated on his wife’s pregnancy.
After Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin starred in “Crash Landing On You,” Dispatch revealed that the two were dating. Last March, they held a fairy tale wedding that made netizens worldwide express their love for each other.
In a heartwarming Instagram post, Son Ye Jin personally announced that she would have a baby with her husband in late June. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have not made public debuts since the announcement until recently.
Hyun Bin was seen at Incheon airport while traveling for a photo shoot in Milan on Sunday (24/7). As expected, the actor looks very handsome, and even when wearing a mask, a smile can be seen in his eyes as he interacts with fans and the media.
Walking through the airport, Hyun Bin looked like he was walking on an international catwalk, wowing everyone with his manners, proportions, and intense visuals. Unsurprisingly, reporters at the airport wanted to talk to Hyun Bin about how he was about to become a father and congratulate him.
In particular, one video on TikTok caught the attention of netizens. As Hyun Bin walked past the reporters, one of them shared their happiness about Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy news with the actor.
“Oh yes! Congratulations, Hyunbin-ssi. Congratulations on your 2nd generation,” said the reporter. As soon as the words left the reporter’s mouth, a big smile appeared on Hyun Bin’s face, and even with a mask on, it was apparent how happy he was when he thanked them for their congratulations.
As long as the camera was on Hyun Bin, the smile never seemed to leave his face. Waving to the fans and the media, the actor looked radiant. Unsurprisingly, netizens love how happy Hyun Bin is, and it seems like he’s already excited and looking forward to the birth of their baby.



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