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Hyun Bin’s Gait Starring Confidential Assignment 2, Gets Director’s Praise.

Hyun Bin is back to being an excellent detective thanks to his stunning skills in Confidential Assignment 2.
According to Soompi, Tuesday (2/8/2022), Confidential Assignment 2 was directed by Kim Sung Hoon. The first Confidential Assignment, released in 2017, tells the story of a North Korean detective named Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) and a South Korean detective named Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin) who work together to catch a criminal. SNSD’s Yoona plays Park Min Young, Kang Jin Tae’s sister-in-law.
Confidential Assignment 2: International sequel saw Rim Chul Ryung return to South Korea to pursue a brutal and secret criminal organization. He teams up again with Kang Jin Tae, who voluntarily works with North Korea to return to the investigation team after misbehaving in the cyber crime department.
Some actors joining the cast for this sequel are Daniel Henney, Jin Sun Kyu, and Jang Young Nam. Daniel Henney plays Jack, an FBI detective from the United States who follows in the footsteps of a North Korean criminal organization that causes chaos around the world. Jin Sun Kyu plays Jang Myung Joon, the leader of this criminal organization.
The newly released stills show Rim Chul Ryung exuding strong charisma and determination, but he will display a bolder action than before. Hyun Bin commented.
“I tried to show the latest version of ‘Rim Chul Ryung’ in every way. Film fans can look forward to Rim Chul Ryung, who has adjusted to life in South Korea,” said the director.
Director Lee Seok Hoon also praised Hyun Bin, who incidentally is known as a reliable actor. “He is a very thorough and professional actor. His concerns about the characters and sets are also very detailed,” he said.



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