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Imitating Song Hye Kyo as a photo model: Song Joong Ki was not hot enough to receive a ‘bitter ending’.

Although they have gone their separate ways for the past 3 years, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are often put on the table by netizens to compare both their careers and beauty. After Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki surprised the audience by showing off his professional “photography” skills. However, the actor’s photo set criticized netizens simultaneously because compared to his charisma and beauty, many people commented that the handsome Song surname was “not over alum.”
After the propaganda publications for the movie “Reborn Rich,” Song Joong Ki has just “distributed welfare” to fans with a set of photos showing off his top-notch visuals when representing a big brand. In the photo, Song Joong Ki impresses with his youthful beauty, unlike when he first entered the profession. In this photo shoot, Song Joong Ki also attracted attention when “posing” 1001 photo styles, much more diverse than previous appearances.
The new images of Song Joong Ki have received much attention from netizens. The audience left many comments on film discussion forums about the appearance of the handsome Song family. In addition to praising Song Joong Ki’s youthfulness, many people think that the actor has a lot of potentials to break into modeling thanks to his balanced body proportions.
Besides, other viewers pointed out that Song Joong Ki seemed quite confused about how to pose, making the photos look lifeless. They found that, let alone talking about the actor’s beauty and charisma, he still needed help to touch the luxury – genuine – smooth required of a photo model. However, netizens have come to Song Joong Ki’s defense that the actor is not a professional model, so he can’t ask for too much; in fact, he has tried very hard to renew himself in public.
Currently, Song Joong Ki’s new photo series is still receiving many comments from netizens. It is known that Song Joong Ki’s drama “Reborn Rich” will air on JTBC on November 18. This is a heavily invested revenge-themed movie with the participation of “big girl” Shin Hyun Bin and many veteran faces of Kbiz. With this new project, Song Joong Ki is expected to be nominated at many major award ceremonies and help revive a gloomy year for cable station JTBC.



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