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Is Blackpink’s Jisoo having a secret affair with her childhood friend? Know the truth.

The Blackpink girls are the most admired and popular female K-pop entertainment squad worldwide. Although all four girls, namely Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose, have gained a tremendous amount of popularity courtesy of their work in the entertainment space, it is Jisoo who particularly gets a lot of attention among fans and admirers all over the globe. Be it for her social media game or her exquisite sense of aesthetics when it comes to photos, videos, and reels, Jisoo is literally on top of her game everywhere.
As far as celebrities and popular figures are concerned, it is only normal and natural that there will be multiple rumors and speculations about them. Well, guess what? This time, rumors and speculations are rife about Jisoo having a secret affair with her dear childhood friend. Although nothing is confirmed, Blinks are extremely excited about it.
Well, all we can say is that it is important not to indulge in rumor-mongering and gossip until and unless anything is confirmed by the artiste or the agency itself.
Well, do you all agree on Blinks? Let us know your views in the comments section below.



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