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Is BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Lisa working on a new project?

The BTS boyband and the Blackpink ladies are widely regarded as two of the best and most popular K-pop entertainment groups in the world today. While the BTS boyband rules the male music entertainment arena, ladies and gents, the Blackpink gals are truly on top of their game when it comes to female K-pop material. Everything from their dance videos to their music videos and songs is a worldwide ARMY and Blinks craze. When these heroes appear on the great stage, people are in amazement and can’t stop adoring and showering them with love and adoration. Numerous individuals appreciate and cherish them for who they are, and it’s no surprise.
While both squads are very famous, two people from each squad who are always receiving a lot of attention and adoration are BTS member V and Blackpink’s Lisa. Many people are thinking that they are obviously contemplating a new endeavor together, according to grapevine communication. Nothing is really definite, thus we advise against believing rumors or rumours until they come straight from the agency or the artists themselves.
But, ARMY, how pleased and delighted will you all be if this is true? So, really incredible stuff, right? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below, and stay tuned for further developments.



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