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Is Hyun Bin Truly Son Ye Jin’s First Love? Her Recent Statement Resurfaces 18 Years Ago.

In a program hosted by MC Yoo Jae Suk, Son Ye Jin made a candid confession, revealing that Hyun Bin was indeed her first love. Subsequently, the two decided to build a family together. In March 2022, the couple officially tied the knot, and by the end of the year, they welcomed their first son into the world.

However, not many know that back in 2005, while participating in a show hosted by MC Kang Ho Dong, Son Ye Jin disclosed details about her first kiss. She shared that she had given away her first kiss during her first year of university. Kang Ho Dong also managed to extract quite a bit of information about this first kiss. Son Ye Jin admitted to a lip-to-lip contact with a senior behind the scenes. However, when asked for more details about the person’s identity and their feelings after the kiss, Son Ye Jin chose not to share further.

Some netizens speculate that Hyun Bin might not be Son Ye Jin’s first love and that her first love was a university friend. Others, however, firmly believe that Son Ye Jin wanted to emphasize that Hyun Bin was the one who brought her extraordinary emotions in love. Her statement that he was her first love is understandable and doesn’t seem to be incorrect.

Currently, Son Ye Jin dedicates a significant portion of her time to taking care of her beloved son. She mentioned that pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a child are not easy tasks, but they bring her immense happiness. According to Son Ye Jin, her little prince is growing up to be more and more like her, and he has brought her many joys that she had never experienced before in her life.

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