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Is it true that Lee Seung Gi, once retired, had to drive a taxi to earn a living?

Lee Seung Gi is a multi-talented Korean artist who fulfills many roles for entertainment programs, from singer to actor or MC. In a discussion on social networks, netizens said that Vagabond is the work of a lifetime in the actor’s career. This is also one of the most anticipated Korean titles to produce a part 2.
Despite being commented on as having a slower progression than other actors of the same age, Lee Seung Gi still affirmed the “slowly but surely” when he was able to “pocket” a series of impressive roles since his debut. In 2022, Lee Seung Gi returned to the movie race with the romantic comedy-drama Law Café, “reuniting” with Lee Se Young. The film was quickly received and earned a series of proud achievements thanks to the main couple’s meaningful content and “surreal” chemistry.
Despite receiving a series of positive reviews with this comeback, some of the public thinks that Lee Seung Gi has not really overcome the huge shadow he created since filming Vagabond with Suzy. Talking about Vagabond is a much-loved action movie produced by Korea and released in 2019.
In the movie, Lee Seung Gi plays Cha Dal Gun, a stuntman specializing in action scenes. But he was forced to retire from work as a taxi driver due to many incidents. After that, Cha Dal Gun worked while taking care of his 11-year-old grandson until disaster struck his family.
After Vagabond aired, Lee Seung Gi received a “rain” of compliments for his transformative acting, especially his chemistry when co-starring with Suzy. The round performance in the film also helped the actor receive several prestigious awards at awards ceremonies in his hometown.
Up to now, “movie geeks” everywhere have recognized this as the project of his life and have high expectations for part 2, but there is still no information from the producer. Currently, Lee Seung Gi is in the resting period after the movie “Law Café” and will return to the big and small screen one day soon.



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