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Is TWICE aiming for the same goals as Blackpink in 2023?

It would be unthinkable to leave out TWICE when discussing exceptional girl groups in Kpop in addition to Blackpink. They put a lot of effort towards 2022, selling “massive” numbers of albums that were on par with boy bands.
Recently, the girls’ contract with JYP was formally extended. TWICE is making impressive plans for 2023.
As a result, TWICE will follow The Feels with their second English single. The introduction of English music items demonstrates TWICE’s ambitious goals for the global market, particularly the US this year.
On January 20, 2023, the group will also release the song “Moonlight Sunrise.” Our Youth, the group’s Korean mini-album, was released at the start of March.
Then the subgroup MiMoSa, made up of the members Mina, Momo, and Sana, had its Japanese debut.
When JYP revealed that the group is getting ready for a sizable globe tour that will begin in 2023, TWICE also expressed a desire to advertise in that country.
The Korean media believes that TWICE’s strategy is comparable to what Blackpink is doing. The 4 YG girls’ Born Pink tour, in particular, sold out in each of the nations and territories they visited.
TWICE expects to sell a lot of tickets if they go on a world tour in 2023.



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