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It was the first performance in 4 years: Blackpink’s Jisoo reveals nervousness before ‘Born Pink Tour.’

BlackPink girls have marked their presence on international platforms with their talent and hard work. One of BlackPink’s girls, Jisoo, is winning hearts over the internet with her fashion and looks. Besides singing, Jisoo has also ventured into acting. She was seen in a few advertisements and had a cameo in the fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles.
BLACKPINK kicked off the Born Pink World Tour Saturday in the group’s home ground of Seoul, South Korea. As expected, Blackpink put on a stellar show with some surprises, and the girls’ efforts showed in their solo performance stages. Jisoo performed a cover of “Liar” by Camila Cabello, complete with a dance break routine she nailed.
Recently, Jisoo took to Instagram and shared a post. She revealed being nervous in the caption: “@BLACKPINKOFFICIAL 🖤💖 OCTOBER 15, 16 BLACKPINK BORN PINK WORLD TOUR SEOUL WELL FINISHED!!!! I was very nervous and nervous as it was the first performance in 4 years, but I feel full as if I got a lot of support and support from everyone. 🥰 This performance was not only for the members of Black Pink, but also all the other staff who took care of it, but I hope it was a pleasant performance that will be remembered for a long time for a long time. I hope the rest of the shows will be well. We’re coming to Blink!! Please wait 🙂 Thank you and love you always💕 ♥️ I love you so much members ♥️.”



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