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It’s okay to replace Song Joong Ki with Lee Joon Gi in Arthdal Chronicles, Knetz protests that Shin Se Kyung replaces Kim Ji Won.

Arthdal ​​Chronicles is a 2019 South Korean drama directed by Kim Won Seok and starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Bin.
Arthdal ​​Chronicles is a drama that has a special place in drakor lovers’ hearts because it became a reunion drama for Song Joong Ki and Kim Won after the two of them played together in the drama Descendants Of The Sun in 2016.
Not a few were impressed by the chemistry of Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki in this ancient fantasy genre drama. Song Joong Ki plays Eun So, while Kim Ji Won plays the character of Tan Ya. Both of them present a very different appearance from the previous dramas played.
The drama, which tells the story of a hero in the fictional land of Arth, is expected to make a second season. Last February, as the production house, Studio Dragon officially announced the long-awaited Arthdal ​​Chronicles season 2 will start production this year. Although it was delayed by two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the drama will begin filming this year and is planned to air in 2023.
But the surprising news came along with this news because fans didn’t seem to be able to see Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won acting together in the second season of Arthdal ​​Chronicle. Launching from lovekpop96, Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung are rumoured to be replacing Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won in ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’ season 2.
According to South Korea’s Sports Chosun report on April 20, season 2 of tvN’s ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’ plans to undergo significant cast changes before re-starting the filming process.
Although the broadcast of season 1, the drama had its pros and cons because it was considered to have bad CG, an unbelievable storyline, and accusations of plagiarism. Studio Dragon seems to be still chasing the second season of ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’. Although the director Kim Won Seok is no longer involved.
The production team also announced a change in the cast, especially Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won, who will experience a change of players due to the scheduling conflicts of the two actresses.
Song Joong Ki’s role as Eun Seom is rumoured to be replaced by Lee Joon Gi, while Shin Se Kyung will replace Kim Ji Won’s role as Tan Ya. A representative from Studio Dragon also said that this change resulted from in-depth discussions between the writer and the production team.
“As a result of in-depth discussions between the writer and the production team, the offer to play the role of Eun-seom in Season 2 was made to actor Lee Joon Gi, and he is currently under review,” explained a representative of studio dragon.
Lee Joon Gi’s agency also responded positively and is currently reviewing the offer for ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’ season 2. Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung has been named the most likely candidate to take the lead role. His party is also reviewing the drama after it was previously reported that he had received a casting offer in season 1.
Now he is positively considering joining season 2 with actor Lee Joon Gi. According to the news circulating, “Arthdal ​​Chronicles 2” will be set ten years from season 1. The production team has also in-depth discussed portraying Eun-seom, who will become an adult after many years.
This substitution, of course, reaped criticism from Knetz; they admitted that they disagreed with the change of players in the second season. Most are okay with Lee Joon Gi replacing Song Joong Ki because his acting is as good.
But some are a little disappointed with Shin Se Kyung’s casting news. Netizens claim that Shin Se Kyung’s acting is not good enough for the role, especially when she has to fulfil a performance like Kim Ji Won.
What do you think, is this substitution suitable for Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung?



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