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ITZY’s Lia exuded a reversal of charisma in the concept photo of her new album ‘CHESHIRE’ and raised the expectation of her comeback.

Lia showed off her special aura by perfectly digesting all styling, including long urban hair, outfits, and makeup, conveying a seductive look. Lia, whose trademark is her lovely smile, was enough to captivate her fans worldwide for her charm revealed in this teaser. Attention is focused on ITZY’s move, which will play a new role with her new album, ‘CHESHIRE,’ which stimulates her curiosity.
Ahead of their comeback, ITZY is expanding its global influence amid the heat of their debut world tour ‘ITZY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘CHECKMATE’. This tour was held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park in August this year. It was held in Los Angeles on October 26 (local time), Phoenix on the 29th, Dallas on November 1, Sugar Land on the 3rd, Atlanta on the 5th, and Chicago on the 7th. , Boston on the 10th, and New York on the 13th. After the comeback of ‘CHESHIRE,’ they will visit Manila, Philippines on January 14, 2023, Singapore on the 28, Jakarta, Indonesia on February 4, and Bangkok, Thailand on April 8 to meet local audiences.
Meanwhile, ITZY will officially release the sixth mini album ‘CHESHIRE’ at 6 pm on the 30th and, at the same time, scramble for the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’, heating the atmosphere even more. At 5 pm on the same day, a countdown talk will be held, and the comeback will be celebrated with domestic and foreign fans.



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