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IU and Yoona Girls Generation Win the Blue Dragon Film Award Cup, Appear Perfectly Like a Princess.

IU and Yoona Girls Gener won awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Their event appearance attracted attention because they wore white dresses like a princess.
When Yoona appeared on the red carpet, she looked like she had just stepped out of a fairy tale in a white evening gown. Yoona brought a modern look when wearing a crop top that was beautifully shaped like flower petals.
Yoona exudes a charming and cheerful aura like a princess with silver necklace jewelry.
While IU also looked regal when she appeared on the red carpet in a white princess dress and dressed in a completely different style.
IU wore a white Constellation dress priced at $12,100 to attract attention. The delicate details of her A-line princess dress perfectly match IU’s minimalist elegance.
Even when IU and Yoona stand on stage together, they still look stunning, proving that there are many ways to look like a princess.



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