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Jang Nara married Brondong, the father revealed the figure of his son-in-law to allude to the family tree.

The happy news came from the beautiful actress Jang Nara.
For a long time, no echo was heard. Jang Nara suddenly announced marriage to a handsome gabion.
Jang Nara, who is rarely seen in public about her love affair, has undoubtedly succeeded in making many people surprised.
On June 3, 2022, Jang Nara officially announced her marriage to the man of her dreams.
This happy news was revealed by Jang Nara herself through a letter she wrote.
“Today, I want to share news that is very personal, but also very happy. I am getting married!” wrote the 42-year-old actress, as quoted from Allkpop.
“After dating this good friend of mine, who is 6 years younger than me and working in video production for the past 2 years, we finally made a promise as long as we live.”
“I promise to live happily and with joy. It feels like yesterday someone like me debuted as a celebrity without great talent in anything, but time has passed.
Thank you all for appreciating and supporting me, following me with kindness in your eyes,” wrote Jang Nara.
At the end of the letter, Jang Nara does not forget to apologize for not being able to expose her husband’s figure because he is not among celebrities.
“I sincerely apologize for not being able to reveal more details as my fiancĂ© is a non-celebrity, and he may be facing discomfort in his line of work due to his relationship with me.”
“Please understand, thank you,” said the beautiful actress.
Apart from fans, Jang Nara’s big decision is also quite a shock to her family.
The father, Joo Ho Sung, can’t even hide his joy to hear that his daughter is finally getting married.
Joo Ho Sung bluntly revealed the figure of Jang Nara’s husband, who was exceptional in his eyes.
“I am very happy and happy that Nara is getting married,” said Jang Nara’s father.
“I’m very happy because my son-in-law wants to stay in touch with me from the start.”
“He also came to greet the elders last year. That’s how we naturally became close,” said Joo Ho Sung.
Joo Ho Sung openly mentioned that his new son-in-law was a kind and polite man.
Not only that, but Jang Nara’s husband also has a pretty good family tree background.
“He has a good personality and so do his parents,” said Jang Nara’s father.
“His parents are also very good. His family background is average but they are all good and great,” he continued.
Joo Ho Sung also admitted that the family did not want this marriage to be too exposed by the media.
He wanted his beloved son-in-law to keep his privacy.
“We try to remain as calm as possible because the Nara couple is not a celebrity. We prepared their wedding carefully,” he said.



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