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Jang Nara Shows Her Closeness With Her Ex-Husband’s Infidelity, The Newlywed’s Not Aging Face Makes Salfok!

Jang Nara surprised fans some time ago by suddenly announcing her marriage.
So far, he was thought to be single, but it turns out that Jang Nara is secretly in a relationship with a non-celebrity man.
After announcing marriage soon, Jang Nara’s future husband’s profession was revealed. It turned out that the man who melted the 41-year-old actress’s heart was the drama ‘VIP’ cinematographer. While starring in ‘VIP’, Jang Nara fell in love with the cinematographer.
Finally, last June, Jang Nara was officially married to her idol. Jang Nara’s wedding was held secretly and closely guarded at a hotel in Seoul, Korea. Even guests are prohibited from posting photos showing the face of Jang Nara’s husband.
This was done none other because the actress’ husband was not from a celebrity circle. Discussing the drama ‘VIP’, the drama won a high rating when it aired in 2020. Jang Nara is a brutal wife whose husband cheats on her.
Jang Nara’s husband in the drama ‘VIP’ is played by handsome actor Lee Sang Yoon. Jang Nara plays a woman named Na Jeong Seon, and Lee Sang Yoon plays a man named Park Seong Joon.
Na Jeong Seon secretly investigates Park Seong Joon’s affair with one of his officemates.
Until it was finally revealed that a young girl named On Yoo Ri had an affair with her husband, it was known that On Yoo Ri was played by a beautiful actress, Pyo Ye Jin.
Although in the drama, Jang Nara is told that she hates Pyo Ye Jin, in the real world, they are very close, like brother and sister.
Some time ago, Jang Nara posted her togetherness with Pyo Ye Jin. Jang Nara even spent time at home with the 30-year-old actress. They also took selfies together and were accompanied by a dog.
Jang Nara shared a selfie with Pyo Ye Jin through her Instagram account. Even though he is 11 years apart from Pyo Ye Jin, Jang Nara’s face looks the same age. Jang Nara is known to have a cute face.
From year to year, the drama player ‘Go Back Couple’ doesn’t even look old.



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