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Jang Nara’s wedding is different from others, give special conditions that all invited guests must comply with.

Jang Nara officially married her lover on June 26, 2022, at 6 pm Korean time.
Launching from Allkpop, Jang Nara’s wedding party was held in the outdoor area of ​​Seocho-gu, Seoul, and took place behind closed doors, only attended by the family and relatives of the bride and groom.
Previously, the Fated to Love You star announced the news of his marriage through his personal Instagram on June 3.
It is known that the man chosen by Jang Nara is from a non-celebrity circle. She also revealed that her future husband is a man who is 6 years younger than her.
It is predicted that Jang Nara’s fiancé is an art worker who works behind the scenes.
Rumors circulated that Jang Nara and her future husband met on the set while involved in the SBS drama project, VIP, in 2019.
The happy day for the two finally arrived; Jang Nara officially bears the status as a wife of her husband, whose identity is kept a secret.
From the start, Jang Nara had tried to keep the privacy of her future husband close.
Even before the wedding, the actress gave special conditions to guests related to the identity of her husband’s future husband.
The 41-year-old beautiful actress has a special request addressed to all guests.
Jang Nara asked her wedding guests not to reveal information and photos of the groom.
According to the YTN Star page, on June 24, the main star of the Go Back couple sent a card to invite friends to celebrate their wedding on June 26.
On the card, he told the wedding attendees not to publish personal information and photos or videos of the groom.
The actress also asked her friends to keep the time and place of the event a secret.
Jang Nara asked the event organizers to compare the guest lists to ensure privacy.
Meanwhile, through her agency, Jang Nara said that after marriage, she will continue to work in the entertainment industry and will soon release new works.
The beauty thanks fans for supporting and accompanying her for more than 20 years of acting and singing
As reported by JoyNews24, Jang Nara is reportedly going to immediately step on the gas for her latest work in the drama Family after getting married.
Drama Family will be directed by Jang Jeong Do, who previously produced dramas Our Blues and Link: Eat, Love, Kill.
In addition, directors Jang Jeong Do and Jang Nara previously worked together on the drama project Oh My Baby in 2020



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