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Jennie And Jisoo BLACKPINK Hoodie Twins But Really Different Appearance.

Jisoo and Jennie BLACKPINK (Black Pink) are known as idols who are both talented, beautiful, and very stylish. Recently, photos of them wearing the same clothes caught the attention of netizens and fans.
Jisoo and Jennie wore the same adorable hoodie from the South Korean brand Nieeh, a company reportedly owned by Jennie. Jennie and Jisoo wore Cloudy Day hoodies for 152,000 KRW.
Jennie wore a hoodie when she visited her Jentle Home pop-up shop. She wore shorts overall over a hoodie, and she complimented it with a white Chanel handbag, gray socks, and colorful bracelets.
Jennie wore minimal makeup and pulled some of her hair back in a half-up, half-down. The 1996-born singer presents an adorable neighbor girl vibe when wearing this hoodie.
Even though Jennie wasn’t as well-dressed as usual, she looked as if she had just left the house to run errands or have coffee with a friend. Even though she’s dressed casually, Jennie is the central figure in the pop-up shop.
Jisoo wore the same hoodie in an Instagram post. Jung Hae In’s co-star wore a hoodie with striped jeans and was equipped with a white handbag and a bunny bag.
Despite Jisoo’s casual look, she gives off a glamorous vibe in her hoodie. Her makeup look is more dramatic than Jennie’s, and her hair is loose, which adds a hint of glamor to her look.
Even though Jennie and Jisoo present different shades in their hoodies, these two BLACKPINK members look amazing!



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