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Jennie appeared after the news that she was in love with V (BTS)

On May 27, Xports News reported that BlackPink attended an event to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday held at the British Embassy in Seoul, Jung-gu. This is the first time Jennie has appeared since the dating news of V (BTS member) broke out.
The event to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday was attended by BlackPink members such as Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, former Prime Minister Han Seung Soo and British Ambassador to Korea Colin Crooks.
Jennie’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine was published and attracted attention on the same day. In the interview, Jennie confided that she was exhausted after finishing the tour with BlackPink in 2020.
“I was exhausted both mentally and physically after my last world tour ended in 2020. It’s not something I want to share in great detail with my fans. But for 3 years after our debut, we worked non-stop. You know, we were young, in our twenties. Our bedtimes change. We don’t eat properly, we don’t even give ourselves enough water. We did that for three to four years, and then we started touring,” said Jennie.
For Jennie, her busy schedule affects her immune system.
The singer said: “If I touch something, I have an allergic reaction. My immune system is severely affected, but we need to continue the tour. When I exercise, I feel every muscle and wonder: ‘It hurts. Why'”.
On May 23, YTN Star and many Korean media reported that male singer V (BTS) and Jennie (member of BlackPink group) are dating. The information originates from the image of a man and a woman that is said to be Jennie and V driving a tourist car on Jeju Island.
Jennie and V’s management agency YG Entertainment and HYBE have not released a statement regarding the news of the two stars dating. Faced with that situation, the love story between V and Jennie once again became a hot topic of discussion.



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