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Jennie (BLACKPINK) and G-Dragon appeared together for the first time after 1 year Dispatch revealed the dating news.

On April 3, designer Yoon Ahn – founder of AMBUSH brand, launched his new store in Seoul (Korea). It is worth mentioning that some famous artists are also close friends of Yoon Ahn at the event, such as G-Dragon (Big Bang), Jennie (BLACKPINK)…
After seeing the two top Kpop stars taking pictures with the designer checking in at the store, the audience “wasted up”. Because this is a rare time that G-Dragon and Jennie openly attend a fashion event together. Although they didn’t take pictures of the couple, fans of the two are still pleased because at least they know the couple will have an interaction behind the camera.
In February 2021, Dispatch published a dating image of the young couple considered the most powerful in the Korean music world – G-Dragon and Jennie. At that time, Dispatch confirmed that the two had been together for 1 year and Jennie was often “escorted” by the manager to Big Bang’s leader’s house. Faced with Dispatch’s statement, YG Entertainment’s representative only said, “The artist’s private life cannot be confirmed.”
In August of last year, Star News suddenly published news confirming that Jennie and G-Dragon’s love is still strong. The proof is that the leader of Big Bang came to the set to visit Jennie when her lover had an advertisement filming schedule. Although not openly public, fans still implicitly admitted that their relationship was still going well.
It is known that G-Dragon is Jennie’s senior in the same company; the two knew each other when Jennie was still a trainee and acted in the MV “That XX” by male rapper 8X. Many times, the audience also caught the two eating together, but no one thought they would date.



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