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Jennie (BLACKPINK) appeared beautiful at the Paris Fashion Week event.

Fashionistas are all eyes on the Paris Fall-Winter Fashion Week – Paris Fashion Week 2022. Before, the information about Jennie (BLACKPINK) participating in this fashion week caused a storm on social networking forums. Festival. Indeed, not disappointing the fans’ day and night expectations, the female idol appeared in a neat appearance. In particular, her beautiful appearance and ladylike aura helped main rapper BLACKPINK attract all paparazzi lenses.

Jennie put on Chanel’s “full black tree.” The female idol caused a storm again with her slim waist and extremely slim legs. Main rapper BLACKPINK’s hairstyle does not follow an excellent image but is playful with neatly braided hair. Jennie’s outfit is adorned with a sophisticated Chanel necklace, doubling the elegance and nobility.

Rare photos of her are exceptionally dizzyingly shared on social networks. The YG female idol has become the most brilliant star in this Chanel show with just a simple black color. As an influential person in music and fashion, Jennie is constantly being sought after by camera lenses. Despite being constantly surrounded by the media, the female idol still maintains a professional demeanor international idol standards. Besides, members of BLACKPINK also received the welcome of many fans here.


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