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“Trend creator” Jennie BlackPink caused a fever again with a torn crop top sweater with tassels.

Before flying to Hawaii to attend Jacquemus’s The Splash show with a beautiful pink outfit, female idol, Jennie BlackPink had time to attend the Chanel show of Paris Fashion Week.
Last weekend, the 26-year-old rapper updated her profile page with a series of photos in France. Just posted immediately, the new photo set of the female singer has received millions of “hearts” from fans. Jennie’s unique and fancy outfit is predicted to be a hot trend for Gen Z girls, converging all the indispensable items in today’s youth wardrobe, but through Jennie’s hands, she can mix & match layer style. The idea is unrelated, but it has an unbelievable eye-catching effect.
It’s a white lesugiatelier sweater with a twist, but it’s a concise crop top with tassels that looks like it’s been spun from a skein of yarn, then a white shirt with only half the buttons on and finally a black crop top. Flaunted, Sculptor low-waisted trousers, completed the set with Chanel jewellery and Chrome Hearts.
Yesterday, Jennie BlackPink returned to Korea. She appeared at the airport in activewear, consisting of a white Jacquemus sweatshirt, a courrèges black crossbody bag and unique ripped jeans front and behind the knees.
Jennie Kim – the female idol of the BlackPink group, is always considered a “trending saint”, what she wears quickly becomes sold-out items. Therefore, YG’s “pet chicken” is the fact that many brands invite to advertise. The 9X beauty excellently shows the image of a classy classic lady when making a “living Chanel doll”, sometimes causing fans to “fain up and down” when wearing Calvin Klein underwear showing her full breasts, the super sexy slim waist has a cold.
Jennie BlackPink is currently said to maintain a peaceful love with “Kpop king” G-Dragon – the leader of Big Bang. Since publicizing their love, the couple has been dating privately, making netizens extremely curious because they have not ” revealed” any more inspirational images. Both are brand ambassadors of Chanel; both are stars leading the fashion trends popular with young people.



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