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Jennie BLACKPINK Cheerfully Kisses Until Hugs Guys During a Party in Paris

Jennie is now engaged in the BLACKPINK “BORN PINK” concert tour in Europe. When her party visited Paris, this 1996-born girl was observed attending a fashion show event hosted by the well-known company JACQUEMUS.
Jennie was also photographed at the brand’s after-party. The singer of the song “SOLO” seemed to be at ease while speaking with the other partygoers at the party. Jennie did not hesitate to sway to the music’s beat.
There was also an odd encounter during the party between Jennie and a guy that went viral on social media. Because the singer of the song “PINK VENOM” was spotted with a pleasant grin on her face caressing the man’s cheek and embracing him.
Fans who saw the incident were clearly envious of the guy who managed to obtain kisses and embraces from Jennie. “Things’s quite lovely to see it this way, but it’s also not jealousy for fanboys,” one fan remarked. “Could you just explain me how to be that man?” asked another.
“It’s fantastic to see her having fun and enjoying her life ugh she doesn’t deserve hate trains online but don’t care fvck and ignore them like jennie herself,” additional followers remarked.
Jennie, on the other hand, said in a recent interview with Elle magazine that she wished to be someone a bit cooler. “I suppose I am still in the learning and experiencing phase,” Jennie said.
Jennie went on, “I hope that my present experiences will add up to help me become a better person in the future, and I want to believe that it is feasible. I eagerly await that vision of myself.”
Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will perform a “BORN PINK” concert in Indonesia on March 11 and 12, 2023, at the Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta. Rose cs concert tickets allegedly sold out within minutes after being on sale.



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