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Jennie BLACKPINK Collaborates with Porsche, Designs Own Car with Cloud Character.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has strengthened the Korean IT Girl nickname. After representing various luxury brands, from fashion, and makeup, to soju, the idol is now collaborating with the Porsche car brand, which is no less impressive.
Jennie is often referred to as an icon of luxury and elegance. Fans recognize that Jennie and her mother are loyal Porsche users, as is the relationship between Jennie and Chanel. No wonder she is finally invited to collaborate.
Launching from Koreaboo Wednesday (12/10/2022), this Jennie BLACKPINK collaboration is for promoting the Porsche Sonderwunsch program. Where clients can design their own existing Porsche cars. The design is not limited to the exterior and inside areas.
Jennie chose a cloud character with the name Jenny Ruby Jane at the bottom for the design she used. Including the headrest, whose design is also inspired by clouds. As for the handle, there is the name NINI, a favorite nickname for Jennie.
“Being able to collaborate on my personal Porsche was a great experience. I am especially proud to have designed the cloud visualization,” said Jennie.
There is a special reason why Jennie BLACKPINK chose the cloud for her custom Porsche car design.
“I have traveled the world. The sky and clouds have been my travel companions and are a beautiful symbol of this experience. Therefore, I feel I have a special connection with them and am very passionate about photographing the scene,” said Jennie again.
For information, in addition to collaborating with Jennie, Porsche will also be one of the companies that sponsor the BLACKPINK world concert ‘BORN PINK.’



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