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Jennie (BLACKPINK) first revealed her magnificent home, making everyone admire in the new vlog

Jennie (BLACKPINK) is luxurious, wealthy, and successful is something everyone knows. At the age of 25, Jennie has everything in her hand, from career and status to beauty and property. Recently, “YG princess” continues to amaze fans when revealing a corner of a luxury private house worth 6.5 billion won in a new vlog. Jennie invited Jisoo to her house to make mandu (dumplings) and cleverly showed off the spacious living room.

Jennie and Jisoo put on light makeup in the video but are still beautiful and irresistible. The 2 female idols also wear white skin tones and slim bodies. Seeing the visuals of the BLACKPINK duo, fans turned their attention to Jennie’s hundred billion houses with modern furniture. Just sharing a corner of the living room, Jennie was enough to make people curious to see the video she took to tour the whole house.
It is known that Jennie lives in the Hannam-dong area, the hottest area in the world of Korean stars, where many famous stars like BTS members, G-Dragon, Kim Tae Hee – Bi Rain, Jeon Ji Hyun… choose to live. Jennie’s 2-story house is exceptionally spacious with ​​450m2, including 4 bedrooms. According to the Korean newspaper, the value of this luxurious house is up to 5.5 – 6.5 billion won.

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