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Jennie (Blackpink) is excited to film “The Idol” with The Weeknd.

On July 16, HBO released a trailer for the new movie “The Idol”. The film has the participation of The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Troye Sivan, Tunde Adebimpe and Jennie (Blackpink).
Fans immediately recognized Jennie appearing in many different scenes in the movie trailer. The above images quickly became the topic of great interest to the Korean media and public.
In response to fans’ questions, on July 19, the management agency YG Entertainment announced, “Jennie will appear in HBO’s ‘The Idol’.”
“The Idol” was produced by famous pop artist The Weeknd. The film has the participation of many favourite stars, including Jennie (Blackpink). “The Idol” follows the life of a Hollywood pop star, referring to the relationships surrounding her and the music industry.
Up to now, the character that Jennie takes on has not been revealed. The female idol shared her feelings through the management company in a new role.
Specifically, Jennie said, “As soon as I finished reading the script, I felt that the plot was very attractive. I wanted to appear with everyone in this drama. The feeling was extremely exciting and I will definitely try my best. Therefore, I hope everyone can warmly receive the film.”
Currently, “The Idol” has not yet set an official broadcast schedule. Information related to the movie and Jennie is still being noticed in Korea.



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