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Jennie BLACKPINK Looks Beautiful, All-White Like a Ballerina, The Outfit Price Auto Makes Minder.

The charm of Jennie Blackpink seems to have no end in stealing the attention of her loyal fans. After returning from Hawaii, BLACKPINK’s Jennie again made fans excited because of her beautiful appearance collaborating with the famous eyewear brand Gentle Monster.
On March 17, 2022, Jennie Blackpink was present at the Jentle Garden Pop-up store in collaboration with Gentle Monster at Haus Dosan, Seoul, South Korea. BLACKPINK’s Jennie drew the spotlight for looking beautiful like a ballerina in an elegant all-white outfit.
Jennie wore a tulle polo mini dress from ShuSuTong. With a mini dress model that looks like a ballerina skirt at the bottom. Quoting, the online buying and selling site that sells ShuSuTong’s clothes, is known to cost up to US$685.00.
Jennie also wears white shoes branded Nodaleto called Bulla Babies Pumps for 800 US dollars.
She was combined with glasses in collaboration with gentle monsters. Jennie wears glasses with the Jennie-La Peche PC4 series.
It is known from the gentle monster official website that the glasses’ price is worth 329 dollars. Jennie’s outfit, which is always classy at a high price, has amazed many people.
No wonder many netizens claim to feel inferior when around Jisoo, Rose and Lisa’s colleagues.
It didn’t end there; this time, Jennie’s makeup in her appearance with Gentle Monster also received praise. Jennie displays simple makeup. Instead of wearing nude lipstick, Blackpink’s Jennie chose to wear red lipstick, which added an exciting highlight to her overall appearance.
The Jentle Garden Pop up event also featured a collection of glasses designed by Jennie herself.
Jennie also sent them as gifts to close friends and coworkers to promote her glasses.
Reporting from Kbizoom, Friday (3/18/2022), Jennie Blackpink shared a giant gift box from her collaboration with Gentle Monster to Jisoo, Rose, Somi, Mino and other artist friends.



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