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Jennie Blackpink reveals a surprise about her debut role.

The news that Jennie Blackpink will appear in “The Idol” series is causing a stir among fans. Especially when YG Entertainment officially confirmed the appearance of the female idol in this movie.
Right after that, Jennie shared her first thoughts about this role: “From the moment I read the script, I was captivated. That’s why I want to perform this role. Right now, I’m swamped. Excited and will work hard. Everyone, please pay attention to this drama.”
Sharing her page, the Blackpink female member also said that participating in a movie is an exciting experience and a new challenge: “The trailer for The Idol has finally been released, so we have. I can’t talk about it. Although I can’t show you much more, it was an exciting experience and a new challenge for me.”
Jennie also revealed that she and the other three members of the group, Blackpink, are also rushing to prepare to return to the Kpop race shortly. “We are also busy preparing for the comeback, and I am happy to see BLINK (Blackpink fan – PV) sooner.
The weather is scorching, so take care of your health. Let’s cheer up thinking about the future that we will see each other often”, the female idol shared.
Jennie was born in 1996. She is considered the most famous member of Blackpink. Not only possessing a powerful voice but also the ability to rap, Jennie is also a Channel’s regional brand ambassador. Before Jennie, Jisoo was the first member of Blackpink to enter the acting field.
It is still unclear about Jennie’s role in “The Idol,” which will air on HBO shortly.



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