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Jennie (Blackpink) surpassed Bona (WJSN) and Taeyeon (SNSD) to top the April Girl Group Member Reputation Ranking.

Recently, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed the brand reputation rankings of girl group members in April.
The rankings were determined by analyzing the media coverage of singers, interaction and community brand indexes of 579 girl group members, using large amounts of data collected from March 17 to April 17.
Accordingly, Jennie (Blackpink) rose to the top of this month’s chart with a brand reputation index of 3,891,015, up 7.77% compared to March.
Keywords related to the singer include “SOLO”, “YouTube”, and “Instagram”, while the highest-ranking related terms were “pretty” and “stylish”. Jennie recorded a positive response index of 75.95%.
Drama actor “Age 25, 21”, Bona (WJSN), continues to hold the runner-up position with a brand reputation index of 3,701,519, marking a modest increase of 0.41% over the previous month.
1st place in March, Taeyeon (SNSD) dropped 2 places this month. Compared to the first 2 places, Taeyeon does not have a big difference in the brand index, 3,558,117, down about 8% compared to the previous month.
The 4.5th place on the list is Joy (Red Velvet) with a brand index of 2,586,164 and Jisoo (Blackpink) with 2,495,317 points.
In addition, the remaining 2 members of Blackpink are also in the Top 10. Specifically, Rosé ranked 7th with a brand index of 2,177,936, and Lisa ranked 9th in the rankings with 1,840,857 points.



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