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Jennie (BLACKPINK) went to see Coachella, coincidentally 2NE1 also performed there: Will housemates meet?

Most recently, netizens got a fever when they discovered that the beautiful girl Jennie of the BLACKPINK group was present at the hit music festival Coachella 2022. It is not difficult to recognize the female idol with her outstanding orange hair. Crowd in the audience who came to Coachella this season.
According to a fan, Jennie came to see the set of the rock band Brockhampton. It is known that this is the set performed right after the explosive live performance of the old senior from the same company – 2NE1. Still, the probability that Jennie can see both sets is minimal because the two stages were made according to the fans. At two distinct and quite far apart angles.
Can’t blame Jennie when 2NE1’s appearance was hidden until the last minute, so it’s evident that the female idol didn’t know.
However, fans of the two groups still expect Jennie to interact with seniors who used to be from the same company behind the scenes. If there is, it will explode here:
– Wow, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.
– Wait and see, maybe it’s not just a photo; Jennie uploaded a vlog on YouTube, don’t be surprised.
– I’m so looking forward to it; if we meet for real, I’ll burst into tears.
– Now I understand the saying “waiting is happiness” posting pictures quickly, Jennie, I’m so tired!



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