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Jennie Blackpink’s Response to Dating Rumors with V BTS.

The dating rumors surrounding V and Jennie have been making waves in the South Korean and international media in recent days. In response to the public frenzy, V BTS has disabled comments on his personal social media accounts and refrained from posting anything since the leaked dating photos of the two surfaced. Meanwhile, Jennie’s Instagram account has been flooded with negative comments from Korean and international fans. Despite this, she continues to share a new vlog featuring the entire Blackpink group, seemingly ignoring the negative speculation.

Jennie’s French language teacher also shared a cheerful picture of the idol enjoying a meal, seemingly unaffected by the negative attention. Furthermore, on May 20, Jennie appeared in good spirits alongside Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo during the group’s rehearsal for their upcoming concert in Macao.

On May 17, social media went into a frenzy over a video clip purportedly showing Jennie and V holding hands while strolling in Paris, France. There were many pieces of evidence, including matching outfits worn by Jennie and V in the video, leading many to believe that V and Jennie are indeed dating.

Prior to this, a series of leaked dating photos allegedly featuring Jennie and V BTS had been circulating online, reportedly leaked by a hacker. Although no official confirmation was provided, fans noticed several instances of the two wearing matching outfits and similarities in the photos posted on their respective social media accounts.

Aside from a few supporters, many fans expressed anger towards the dating rumors involving their idols, particularly among V BTS fans. To date, neither management company has made any statements denying or confirming these rumors.

Blackpink and BTS are currently two of the most popular K-pop groups, and even the smallest actions of their members receive significant attention from fans.

Despite their global fame, both Blackpink and BTS have avoided mentioning each other in the media. Members of both groups have also been subject to dating rumors with each other on multiple occasions.



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