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Jennie hints at BLACKPINK’s comeback?

Despite not having a comeback with any music in the past 2 years, BLACKPINK in general and especially Jennie has never ceased to be hot in the newspapers. Every move of the BLACKPINK girls is highly noticed by netizens, especially the musical comeback hints.
This is probably the most influential group in Kpop, with the number of songs so small that all 4 members keep coming back with fashion magazines “all like pictures.”
Not only a few comebacks, but BLACKPINK girls also rarely use social media to interact with fans. All 4 of them have one of the most prominent followers in Kpop, but they often leave “dust on Instagram.” Therefore, every post of any girl is highly appreciated by fans.
On April 10, Jennie made BLINKs shiver because of her stunning new look. This is a rare time that the idol has dyed her hair “bloody.” Jennie’s hair dyeing frequency is highly meager; apart from the times when she dyed her bangs or only wore a wig to film the MV, she made fans “excited” because this was the first time Jennie dyed her hair with such outstanding light.
Jennie’s orange hair stunned fans and brought another hope, that is, BLACKPINK’s comeback is near. Idols who change their hair color will come back with new products!
Before showing off her bright orange hair on Instagram, Jennie teased first with 2 stories of the movie “The Fifth Element” with the female character dying her hair orange. Perhaps, this is a subtle way of announcing that she will show off her new orange hair, and also, perhaps, Jennie is dropping a hint of the upcoming comeback concept.
It’s still speculation, but BLINKs are very reliable because Jennie’s posts have always hidden unexpected hints. Famous movies also inspire many concepts of Jennie or BLACKPINK, so Jennie is also known as BLACKPINK’s spoiler!
The common concern of BLINKs now is that Jennie’s new hair will be used for MV filming, not for magazine shoots or collabs with the same brand. If you understand for fans, please confirm BLACKPINK’s comeback for BLINKs with peace of mind.
BLACKPINK fans are still extremely excited about Jennie’s new hair color. Many new discussion topics about the group’s comeback concept are also being discussed. Jennie is really “the god of social media” a misty post also makes people fall in love.

Netizens’ comments:
– Someone said before that Jen didn’t upload IG because she dyed her hair; now it’s true.
– I fell and struggled because of her; my hair was too hot; Chen Ni, come back!
– Oh, so the story is a spoiler for the hair.
– Finally, I’ve been waiting for the day when Jennie dyed her hair light. So happy. Comeback must be successful!
– CK shirt, flowers like Jentle Home, hair dye, and story like a new collab with someone. Don’t make me a clown anymore.



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